Sunday, September 16, 2012

Archery Versus Gun Hunting Who is the better Hunter

Well I guess I should start off by saying I hunt both archery and gun seasons. I look at it like this. I am not a trophy hunter I actually feed my family with the wild game I harvest. So from that stand point it really doesn't matter. I am just using a tool to harvest an animal for food. So I wouldn't be ashamed to say I hunt with a gun.

Now with that said I will admit hunting during archery season has without a doubt made me a much better hunter. Archery hunters have to outsmart an animal with a terrific sense of smell and sight that gun hunters do not. A typical shot with a bow is only 20 or 30 yards. That is very very close compared to a shot gun, muzzle loader  or rifle. So the odds are definitely against an archery hunter. Archery hunters need to be very careful of the wind direction and must select a hunting spot that is a perfect location to get close to the animal. These are obstacles that most hunters with a gun do not need to be as concerned about. With a gun you can select a hunting spot that provides you the best view to cover a large area. You still need to be able to make the shot so there is still skill involved for sure.

So I must say if I am asked who is the better hunter or if selecting a guide to go on a hunt of a lifetime. I'm putting my money on an archery hunter. They see animals in a much more natural state (before being spooked by gun shots). They are very sensitive to wind, terrain and habitat and will pick the better spot to hunt. Check out the archery gear at
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