Monday, February 20, 2012

We are lining up some great folks to write articles for us!

This is just a bit of a tease but we have been talking to a couple of people about writing articles for us. We are very excited to have some Pro Staff hunters interested in writing for us! Stay tuned and keep watching for great articles to come from

Please send us ideas for article topics you would like to read. A few examples we are thinking about are below.
* Lunar cycle and effect on hunting.
* Gun Safety and Shooting tips.
* Improving your archery skills.
* Concealed Weapons training and laws.
* Elk Hunting tips.
* Top 10 things you must have when you head into the woods.

Please send ideas or articles you would like posted to for review.

Friday, February 17, 2012

To Trophy or not to Trophy? That is the question.

Well deer hunting shows are just another reminder of how others have a better life than you! Well isn't that how we all feel watching unattainable goals being reached by others? The grass is always greener somewhere else. Is this all an attempt to encourage you to buy products you don't really need? Do they even really work or do those guys just hunt at a place that is over run with huge trophy animals. Is there even such a place? Isn't it the world we live in? I want more, I need more, I deserve more! Well maybe your like me and just wish you had more just once in your life. The thought of that once in a lifetime buck stepping into sight. Hearing your heart beat as your body transitions from freezing cold to steaming and alive. The inventory you begin to run through in your mind like nock your arrow, check the wind, get in position. The truth is you may never stare into the eyes of a booner buck but that doesn't mean you are less of a hunter. I say enjoy the thrill of trying to pull that bow back without spooking that doe. You might not hang it on the wall but you earned it.
    You do not need thousands of dollars worth of high end gear to be a successful hunter. With that said yes they work and yes you will be more successful. Lets face it awesome gear is part of the hunt. Why not you work, you enjoy it, you deserve it.
   If your like me you might not ever have the money to hunt in a place with world class deer. That is an unfortunate truth but lets be honest a 120lb doe is mighty tasty. If all you are after is a trophy take up bowling. Hunting is just that hunting not killing and not just hanging stuffed animals on the wall. Yes I would love to have one of those impressive animals on my wall but I wont ever give up just being a hunter. You never know once in a lifetime may actually happen and I wont complain. Until then I'm gonna be just fine with some awesome gear from a cold morning and whatever dinner happens to wander by my tree stand.

Until next time keep your chin up. Those Booner Bucks cost a lot of Bucks!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Booner Outfitters

Our fist day of blogging here at Booner Outfitters. Will anyone read it?